Rugged Mobile Phone - A Mobile Phone Built For Outdoor Sports

Rugged Mobile Phone - A Mobile Phone Built For Outdoor Sports

2021-11-25 15:19:00

Smart phones used in daily life face harsh outdoor environments, and it is difficult to achieve high-strength battery life, drop-proof, waterproof, and dust-proof functions. Once it can't help in outdoor sports, it is very likely to become a burden.


The following scenario is very common. In addition to mobile phones, most of the runners who participate in the trail running have several waterproof mobile phone bags and a power bank with at least 10,000 mAh in their backpacks. The performance requirements of mobile phones for dozens of hours of trail running are no longer just a communication tool.


At this time, we can choose a mobile phone that is professionally built for outdoor sports - a rugged mobile phone.


rugged mobile phone


Why have a rugged mobile phone?


The rugged phones in our memory seem to be still in the age of non-smart phones, with few functions and ugly appearance. However, with the advancement of screen and chip technology and the development of software level, today's rugged mobile phones have evolved to the same level as smart phones used in daily life.


And compared with ordinary smart phones, rugged mobile phones also have additional outdoor protection features such as waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof. In outdoor sports, including trail running, it is often raining or going up to the stream. If you have a rugged mobile phone at this time, you can use it without any problems.


The waterproof level of smart phones is often not up to the standard for use in rain or rivers. Coupled with the dust that can appear outdoors at any time, every step is a threat to the life of smart phones. But the rugged mobile phone with IP68 dust-proof and waterproof level does not have this problem.


Why use a rugged mobile phone?


Earlier we mentioned that outdoor sports are full of various uncertainties, rain, wet and muddy roads, this kind of environment where it is almost impossible to use a mobile phone, a rugged mobile phone can easily overcome it.


If you want to take pictures, there is no problem; if you want to see the route, there is no problem; if you want to send messages, there is no problem. Don’t worry about water entering, don’t worry about mud entering, don’t worry about falling to the ground and breaking it. There is no need to worry about the various situations that have been worried about in smart phones before in front of rugged phones.


Not only that, the rugged mobile phones are equipped with a large-capacity battery, which is basically twice that of a smart phone, which means that the battery life of a rugged mobile phone is much longer than that of a smart phone. In outdoor sports, it is also important to have a mobile phone with a long battery life. Not only can you record necessary information anytime and anywhere, you can even use your mobile phone when you are in danger.


There is no need to drag a long power cord to connect to a power bank; no more careful to save power; no need to worry about the phone being out of power and unable to contact.


Some people worry that the design and function of the rugged mobile phone cannot meet the needs of daily life. Most of these ideas stayed ten years ago. Today's rugged mobile phones are already the same as smartphones in design and functions. Large screens and high-pixel cameras have long been standard configurations. Coupled with high-performance CPU chips and large-capacity memory configurations, the availability of rugged mobile phones It's already very high.


It is not only suitable for outdoor sports environment, but also can be used in daily life.


So where can we buy a rugged mobile phone?


All products of Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd can pass the strict internal quality inspection of customers, so that customers can easily choose the right products with excellent quality. 


If you want to wholesale rugged mobile phones, we can provide you with high quality products, any interests, plz feel free to contact us.

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