Teach You How To Identify Refurbished Celulares

Teach You How To Identify Refurbished Celulares

2021-11-24 16:45:45

Refurbished celulares are totally different from parallel celulares. Refurbished celulares can be "refined" from licensed celulares or parallel celulares, or official refurbished celulares. What is the definition of refurbished celulares? How to distinguish? Let's take a look at the definition and identification methods of refurbished celulare.




The refurbished celulare can be divided into two types according to the refurbishment approach:


  • Official turnover celularerefers to the officially renovated product. The official turnover celulare usually refers to the products that are refurbished after the original brand-new celulare is returned after being unpacked and treated by the official quality inspection. Of course, the price of the general official turnover celulare will be lower than the original brand-new celulare, and the official will clearly explain and mark it.


  • Unofficial shops use certain means to package second-hand celulares into new ones. It can also be a celularethat individuals recycle original or high imitation accessories such as motherboard and chassis in the market and assemble themselves at home. Or change the old model to a new model. However, at present, on the basis of original second-hand celulares, second-hand celulares are sold at a high price by replacing some accessories to update and improve their performance.


Discrimination method


  • Look at the appearance, packaging and anti-counterfeiting marks


The packaging and instructions of the regular new celulare are exquisitely printed, mostly on coated paper, with clear fonts, and the material of the outer packaging is also very strong. Due to the good transportation protection conditions, the flatness of the package is very good, and there will be no wrinkling. The refurbishment celulares generally do not have the original packaging. Many of them are simply printed from underground factories. Most of them are single-sided paper. The pattern display is unclear or the color is biased. The manual will be very simple and even copied directly. It feels rough and is easy to squeeze and deform in terms of packaging.


  • Pay attention to the packaging and use marks of the items in the box


When you open the package of the new celulare, you can see the instructions, warranty cards, chargers and other accessories, which will be neatly placed inside. The package is flat without "wrinkles" or marks of opening.


Brand new celulares will be produced in a dust-free environment, generally without fingerprints and dust. Gently pull out the celulare and watch whether there are fingerprints or dust on the surface of the celulare to know whether the celulare has been used. If uneven film and dust are found after unpacking, it is proved that it is not a new celulare.


  • Pay attention to whether the accessories are complete or fake


Before buying a celulare, consumers should know the accessories of the celulare in advance to avoid being confused.


The original celulare has complete accessories. In many cases, we will encounter some cases of short weight. For example, some of the standard celulares provide memory cards with a certain capacity. If you find a lack, inconsistent capacity or fake card, you should be vigilant and don't be easily fooled.


The design of original accessories is quite unique. Generally speaking, the accessories of original celulares are produced according to high standards, so the accessories will be more unique or more advanced. For example, the line body of data line and real data line has matte effect, and all have current coils, and the contacts of data line will be very complete.


The fake data line will be very shiny. Ordinary straight through lines will also have short boards or lack of contacts. Another example is the plug. If it is a parallel celulare, it will generally be a very common three plug power cord. If it is a domestic product, it will be mainly in the form of two-pin CHARGER + USB data cable.


  • Look at the data cable interface and screws


Refurbished celulares are generally made of low-cost materials such as shell, but circuit boards generally use old materials, especially high-end celulares. When we get the celulare, if no problem is found after observing the shell, we can't be happy too early. We also need to open the battery back cover or data cable interface to continue the celulare inspection.


The screw position of the original celulare will have a fragile label. When the original celulare leaves the factory, it will be pasted with a certain anti-counterfeiting label. For example, there will be a fragile label in the screw position. In addition, pay attention to whether all the screws of the celulare are consistent. The screws of many refurbished celulares have the wrong color and even lack of plates, or if the screws themselves are worn, it can also prove that the celulare has been disassembled.


Because the data line interfaces are connected to the circuit board, the data line interfaces of the refurbishment celulare are still retained on the old celulare. When we buy a celulare, we can carefully observe these parts. If we find dust, oxidation or wear, we can prove that this is a refurbished celulare with a changed shell.


  • Turn on the celulare to check whether there is any usage record


When the appearance inspection is completed, the possibility of refurbishing the celulare can be ruled out to a certain extent, but it still needs to be handled with caution. Next, install the SIM card and start the celulare for verification.


For a brand-new celulare, the first thing after startup will be initialization, prompting to enter the region, time, etc. If you turn on the normal desktop and display the current accurate time, you should pay attention. Then you can check whether there are usage records in games, text messages, phonebooks, call records and self-made ringtones, and even whether there are some private things in the articles in the memory card. If so, it proves that the celulare has also been used. Pay attention to whether it has been tried out or has hidden diseases.


  • Pay attention to price and after-sales service


Before buying a celulare, you'd better check the local approximate price through the website. If you encounter a merchant with a very low price, you should be vigilant at this time. It is likely to be a refurbished celulare, a celulare from informal channels, or accessories withheld by the merchant. At the same time, due to the unstable quality of the refurbished celulare, the warranty terms provided by businesses are generally ambiguous.


Remember to ask for the warranty certificate. The current policy of licensed warranty is to return the goods within 7 days, exchange the goods within 15 days, and repair for free within 1 year. When consumers buy, if the merchant only provides a warranty of 3 months or less, or only for individual parts, it is estimated that it is not far from the refurbished celulare. Finally, remember to ask the merchant for a valid warranty certificate. It's best to list the warranty terms negotiated between them. If it's a licensed product, you should also fill in the three guarantee certificate and seal it. In case of problems, there are ways to investigate.


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