What Is the Standard for the High Temperature Resistance of a General Mobile Phone

July 27,2022

In the summer high temperature season, special attention should be paid to fireproofing and waterproofing. Mobile phones are our personal products, and there are also certain safety hazards. Generally, the upper limit of the high temperature resistance of mobile phones is 45 °C, and the heat generated by mobile phones during use and charging is very high. Games can easily cause the phone to overheat, which has a great impact on the battery and motherboard.


Some Problems when Buying Walkie Talkie

June 17,2022

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How to Clean a Clogged Phone Handset

June 07,2022

You can use transparent adhesive or double-sided tape, cut these tapes into thin strips and slowly stick them in the phone earpiece or some crevices all over again, or you can use a soft brush to clean them, note that the brush should not be too hard or too hard. The following is a detailed description.


Why Use a Walkie Talkie?

May 30,2022

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How to Do When the Phone Is In Water

May 17,2022

Cell phone into the water is not something new, I believe that many people when playing with the phone may appear accidentally dropped the phone into the water, and even often a lot of people go to the toilet accidentally, the phone fell into the toilet and so on. Cell phone into the water situation is divided into 3 kinds, the next we will discuss together.


Classification of Walkie Talkies

April 28,2022

As walkie-talkies enter the civil market, people begin to use walkie-talkies more and more when traveling and shopping. Walkie-talkies are even found in the access control of community units. Today, let's talk about the classification of walkie-talkies.


What Are The Benefits Of Smart Phones

April 01,2022

Nowadays, almost all the people have a smart phone. With smart phone, we can do anything without going out. The following are some other benefits of smart phones.


Several Factors to Consider when Buying Walkie Talkie

March 18,2022

Walkie-talkies are the best way to keep in touch between teams, whether it's hard to field travel or leisure skiing, horse riding, and other activities. The particularity of field activities puts forward some special requirements for us to purchase aircraft, among which the key considerations are Power supply, Frequency point compatibility, Operability, waterproof and shockproof, Power.