What Is the Standard for the High Temperature Resistance of a General Mobile Phone

What Is the Standard for the High Temperature Resistance of a General Mobile Phone

2022-07-27 11:14:45

In the summer high temperature season, special attention should be paid to fireproofing and waterproofing. Mobile phones are our personal products, and there are also certain safety hazards. Generally, the upper limit of the high temperature resistance of mobile phones is 45 °C, and the heat generated by mobile phones during use and charging is very high. Games can easily cause the phone to overheat, which has a great impact on the battery and motherboard.


Moreover, the mobile phone is not resistant to high temperatures. In the high temperature environment, the mobile phone will accelerate the aging of the components, especially the mobile phone battery. If the mobile phone is exposed to sunlight for too long, the battery may explode.


Mobile Phone


It is best to keep the mobile phone between 16 degrees and 22 degrees. Generally speaking, the mobile phone battery is easy to heat up during the use of the mobile phone in summer. Most of the solutions are to reduce the use time of the mobile phone and close the unnecessary background running software of the mobile phone. However, in some high-temperature environments where mobile phones are required, there is also a type of mobile phone that can be used normally. For example, three-proof mobile phones love outdoor wind and can adapt to high and low temperature working environments of -30°C-60°C, suitable for long-term exposure to high temperatures such as the sun. workers in the environment.

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