Some Problems when Buying Walkie Talkie

Some Problems when Buying Walkie Talkie

2022-06-17 13:59:29
  1. Why does the interphone have no distance parameter?


Although the transmission distance is an important performance index of the walkie talkie, as an ultra short wave communication equipment, its transmission distance will be affected by the power of the walkie talkie, the surrounding obstacles and the height of use.


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Transmission power is the most important basic parameter of interphone. The power will directly affect the signal stability and transmission distance. In short, the greater the power, the farther the communication distance.


The power of civil walkie talkies is less than 0.5W. If it exceeds 0.5W, it will be commercial. To use commercial walkie talkies, you need to apply for a license.




Obstacles will affect the transmission distance of interphone signals, such as buildings, trees, etc., which will absorb and block the radio waves emitted by the interphone. Therefore, using the interphone in urban areas will greatly reduce the communication distance.




The use height has a great impact on the radio. The higher the place is used, the farther the signal will be transmitted.


  1. Can interphones of different brands talk to each other?


The brands of interphones are different, but the principle is the same. As long as the frequency is the same, they can communicate with each other.


  1. What is the communication distance of the interphone?


The power of civil walkie talkies shall not exceed 0.5W. Taking 0.5W as an example, it can be used up to 3km in open areas and within 1km in buildings.


The power of common commercial walkie talkies in the market is about 5W ~ 10W. 5W walkie talkies are used in open places, with a communication distance of about 5km. They are used in buildings, about 1 ~ 2km.


  1. Do you need a license to use walkie talkie?


Civil walkie talkies with power less than 0.5W and frequency of 409-410hz do not need relevant certificates.


On the contrary, if you use a walkie talkie with more than this power and frequency, you must obtain an amateur radio operation certificate and apply for a radio license.


  1. What is the difference between digital walkie talkie and analog walkie talkie?


In fact, the digital interphone is an upgraded version of the analog interphone. Compared with the traditional analog interphone, the voice is clearer, the confidentiality is stronger, and the ability to transmit data is better. However, the price will also be higher than the traditional analog interphone. Generally, if the communication content needs to be kept confidential, you can choose the digital interphone. On the contrary, if it is only used normally, analog interphone is enough.


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