wholesale oem rug android phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem rug android phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:23:11

Rug android phone refers to a smart phone with android system and the ability of water resistance, dust resistance and shatter resistance. It is specially designed for younger who are fond of outdoor activities and people for special use. So many people may have not heard about this type of phones ever. Today let’s have a look at the standard of a rug android phone.


oem rug android phone


Principle and design idea of rug android phone


Three-proof design of mobile phone, must consider the design comprehensively, Structural design, Design requirements of all aspects of hardware design. Hardware design in ID stage at the initial stage of design, stacking design and structural design should be involved, and the technical details of the three defenses should be determined.


Only by comprehensively checking the design and development, device selection, material selection, process selection, production and assembly, testing and quality control can we truly meet the requirements of the three defenses mobile phone and produce products that meet the quality requirements and market demand.


The starting point of three-proof rug android phone design is to achieve the purpose of waterproof, dustproof and fall-proof through the comprehensive selection of design and material technology. Among them, waterproof and dustproof are mainly through sealing treatment and "isolation" of special materials to block water and dust from the rug android phone, so that it cannot affect the performance of the mobile phone.


The anti-fall is mainly to increase the strength and anti-fall ability of rug android phones through the selection of design and materials.


Design specification 


The size of the whole machine must leave enough allowance for the design of three defenses, especially in the direction of width and height, the solution of three defenses must be fully considered before determining the specific size requirements, which is quite troublesome to solve this problem later.


Try to adopt the way of built-in antenna and straight plate machine, and the four sides and outer contour corners of the fuselage are made of high wear-resistant rubber materials, so as to avoid the impact of the rug android phone during falling, and at the same time have good hand feeling and prevent sliding out. If sliding cover and folding must be used, more details of three defenses must be considered, especially the reliability of movement and connection parts. 


Try not to use right angles and edges in appearance. It is recommended to use rounded corners for transition, especially the four vertical sides, because the four sides are vulnerable to impact in drop test. Avoid sharp corners on other parts, and round corners as much as possible to increase hand feeling and avoid scratches. 


As far as possible, the process selection of the shell should adopt processes with high hardness, wear resistance and strong adhesion with the substrate, such as IML, IMF, UV, etc. It is best not to adopt processes such as electroplating and ordinary spraying, which are easy to wear, scratch and fall off. It is recommended to adopt the process of natural color matte surface biting treatment to achieve the effect of appearance design.


In order to increase the strength of the whole machine, the molded shell made of aluminum alloy or magnesium-aluminum alloy can be used as the main part of the bracket, and the main body of the bracket can continue from the front shell to the back shell to the battery shell in a penetrating way. The frame structure design of the whole machine makes the whole machine look stronger and firmer.


The assembly mode of the whole machine can adopt the front and back cover mode or the upper and lower cover mode, and the rubber material part is added on the appearance of the matching part to ensure the sealing between the shells.


The shell is composed of several large parts as much as possible, and the number of parts is reduced as much as possible. There are not too many decorative parts, decorative strips, LOGO and other small parts and parts that are easy to peel off. 


In the receiver and loudspeaker sound cavity above the sound hole, you can consider adding metal mesh cover, which can play a certain role in waterproof and dustproof. The use of the mesh cover should consider the appearance requirements and the possibility of peeling, and the area should be enough to paste double-sided glue. ESD problem should be considered for metal mesh cover.


Avoid using side keys as much as possible to simplify design and improve reliability. If the mobile phone must have side keys, such as on/off key, volume key, photo key, etc., it is recommended that all side keys be connected together as far as possible, not separately, but can be connected by rubber seals.


It is best to adopt full RUBBER design and molded case integrated design on the material of keys, and adopt sealed assembly or double-material one-time molding to meet the requirements of sealed keys.


The area of LENS should be large enough to paste double-sided glue, preferably with hot melt or with the front shell in a tightening and sealing way to strengthen strength and increase sealing performance. 


All external interfaces should adopt rubber cover for protection.


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