Wholesale oem celulares exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer

Wholesale oem celulares exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:24:36

When buying celulares, also well known as mobile phone, different speculations with a lot of parameters are available, but ordinary people simply can't understand them. Material or flash memory, most people don't understand too professional terms. Therefore, most people can only "follow the crowd" when buying celulares. As long as they can be listed on the sales list, they will definitely not be wrong, so they will follow the trend, but they don't know the phone at all. Today we are going to help you choose celulares.


Although this approach is the simplest way to choose celulares, it won't make too many mistakes, but it will also make consumers miss many good celulares. So what should I do when choosing a celulare phone? Is the AMOLED screen must be better than LCD screen, is the rear 4 camera must be stronger than the rear 3 camera? Is the latest processor necessarily better than the previous generation?


I believe most consumers have doubts of one kind or another. In fact, professionals have their own steps and three key points when choosing celulares. As long as they learn these three points, ordinary people can also act as experts. When buying a celulare phone, you won't choose the wrong one. Move a small bench to attend classes!


oem celulares


To choose chip


The most critical component of a celulare phone is the chip, which is just like a human heart. Whether the performance of a celulare phone is strong or not depends on whether its "heart" is strong or not. However, the release time and the old and new degree of the processor are not the criteria to measure the performance of the processor. It is not necessarily that the newly released processor is stronger than the previous generation processor.


Take Snapdragon 888 processor as an example. Although it is Qualcomm's most advanced 5nm process chip, it has overturned in terms of power consumption, and serious heating is also the main problem. In some aspects, the performance of Qualcomm's previous generation Snapdragon 870 chip is even more outstanding than Snapdragon 888, and even MediaTek's Tianji 1200 chip is superior to Snapdragon 888 in some aspects.


Therefore, the first step when choosing a celulare phone is to pay attention to the processor, but the release time of the chip is not the only measure. Although the newly released chip may not be the most powerful, the chip two or three years ago must be outdated. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose among the chips released in the past year, and comprehensively consider the architecture, core number and performance optimization.


To select screen


Screen is also an important part of mobile phone. A good screen can help save electricity, provide users with a better visual experience and protect their eyes, so a good screen is also very important. But the material of the screen is not the key factor in selection.


Although AMOLED screen has gradually become the mainstream screen material, it does not mean that LCD screen must be worse. AMOLED screen can make the image quality and color more gorgeous, but it can also bring the disadvantage of damaging eyes. Even though many mobile phone manufacturers have developed DC dimming technology, it still cannot completely make up for the shortcomings of AMOLED materials.


Although the LCD screen is inferior in contrast, it is more friendly to people's eyes. Therefore, when paying attention to screen parameters, it needs to be considered according to its own situation. If you pay more attention to the resolution and display effect of the screen, then AMOLED screen is definitely a better choice, but if you choose a celulare phone for your child, then LCD screen is slightly better. AMOLED screens are not necessarily better, and this conclusion is not valid.


To compare the parameters of camera


Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturers make a fuss about the camera performance. In order to be different, many celulares will increase the number of cameras, which misleads consumers. It is incorrect to think that the more cameras, the stronger the camera performance of celulares. Because some celulares have rear 4 cameras or even rear 5 cameras, but there are two or three cameras that make up the number, that is to say, only the key two or three cameras are really useful, so the number of cameras does not explain the problem.


In addition, the pixel value of the lens does not determine the photographing performance, and 100 million pixels are not necessarily stronger than 64 million pixels. When comparing the camera performance of celulares, the most important thing to pay attention to is actually CMOS sensors. Photographic professionals often focus on the sensor size of the camera instead of the marked pixels when choosing cameras, and this is also true of mobile phone lenses. When the size of the sensor is larger, the lighting area of the mobile phone lens is larger. The quality of imaging is determined by light. Therefore, a good sensor is the key of the key. Therefore, the size of the sensor should be considered when comparing the pixels of celulares.


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