wholesale oem android rugged tablet exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem android rugged tablet exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 16:19:38

Nowadays, tablets are like mobile phones, and almost everyone has them. Compared with desktop computers and laptops, it is more compact and easy to carry; compared to mobile phones, it has a larger screen and more functions, in a word, it is easy to use, and facilitates all aspects of your life. Nowadays, tablet PCs with IOS and Android processors are mainly on the market, and Windows is relatively rare. Due to the continuous development of Android, in some respects, it is completely more powerful and more cost-effective than Apple's system, so how do you choose an android rugged tablet?


Why choose Android system?


Android is an OS provided by Google Inc., and the official application store is "GooglePlay". The number of apps that can be used currently exceeds 2.8 million. However, due to the lack of strict permission control of the Android system and the easy access to root permissions, there are many rogue Android apps, and even the apps of large companies have somewhat different drawbacks. The most intuitive effect is the default startup problem. After the system is used for a period of time, as the installed applications increase, various programs will be consumed in the background. Although the startup speed of the program is increased, it actually slows down the entire system. The most intuitive feeling is "slow".


android rugged tablet


However, since there are many types of tablet PCs loaded with Android systems, the price range of tablet PCs is very wide, and the performance range is from low to high. It will be easy to find products suitable for your use.


Compared with IOS, only Apple series can be selected, Android has more choices.


Factors to consider when choosing an android rugged tablet


✔️Whether to support keyboard


If you want to use your tablet as a personal computer and you have a lot of opportunities to type, it is recommended that you choose a type that can be equipped with a keyboard. However, the types of attached keyboards can be divided into two categories:


Direct vertical type: There is a groove on the keyboard, and the tablet computer can be placed on it. However, due to the limitation of the groove width, the angle cannot be changed.


Detachable keyboard: Combining the main body of the tablet computer and the keyboard, you can freely change the angle like a notebook computer.


✔️Usage frequency


The 10-inch size is approximately the size of B5 paper. If you use it in your hands for a long time, you will often feel tired, and it is not convenient to bring it with you, so it is suitable for office workers who use it directly in the company and do not often move. Because the screen size is large and easy to use, it is recommended for people who often need to see a lot of text, photos or handwriting input.


7 inches is approximately the size of A5 paper. Because it is small and light, it will not be tired even if you hold it with only one hand, so it is suitable for people who need to carry it with them. Because the screen is only slightly larger than a smartphone, it is not as easy to read as a 10-inch.




The resolution is represented by the number of dots in the vertical and horizontal directions of the screen. The higher the number, the finer the color. Most of the tablets sold recently are high-resolution, so you can see photos and videos clearly.


✔️Standby time


For a tablet computer to be carried and used, it is expected that it can be used without being connected to a power outlet and can also be used for a long standby time. Therefore, for those who choose tablet computers when going out, what matters is the length of battery standby time.


✔️Storage capacity


There are tablets with storage capacities such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. However, due to the large capacity of data such as photos, videos, and music, 16GB or 32GB tablets will soon be filled. Therefore, it may be necessary to frequently delete old data and then store new data. If you want to store more data, it is recommended to buy a tablet with a larger capacity from the beginning.


The above are the factors you need to consider when buying an android rugged tablet. I hope to give you some reference. We are a wholesale oem android rugged tablet exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer, if you want to buy a tablet, please feel free to contact us by summer@phonemax.cc.


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