wholesale oem long range walkie talkie exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem long range walkie talkie exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 15:43:07

As an efficient communication tool, long range walkie-talkies are widely used in various industrial and commercial places such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, properties, construction sites and factories. It is not interfered by signals and can realize long-distance calls. There are many types of long range walkie-talkie on the market. As a wholesale oem long range walkie talkie exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer, we mainly discuss how to choose a remote walkie-talkie.


long range walkie talkie


Factors should be considered when purchasing a walkie-talkie


🔸Communication distance


  1. Generally, the communication distance of walkie-talkies is about 1-3 kilometers, so ordinary civil walkie-talkies can meet the application requirements of most occasions.


  1. If you need a longer talking distance, such as within 2-10 kilometers, you should consider buying a high-power professional walkie-talkie.


  1. If you need an effective distance of 10-30 kilometers, you need to install a repeater to expand the distance of the call.


  1. For the need for longer-distance communication (more than 30 kilometers), you can consider public network trunking walkie-talkies. The biggest advantage is that long-distance communication can be realized without the need for hardware installation and networking; intercom calls in any two places in the country are not a problem, and it can also be used to achieve effective communication between the company and the personnel on business at any time .


🔸Frequency range


For the selection of analog long range walkie-talkies, you need to select the appropriate frequency range according to your needs.


U section: 400-470MHz;

V segment: 136-174MHz;

Police band: 350-390MHz


The electromagnetic wavelength of the U/V segment walkie-talkie is different, and the loss during transmission is also different. There are many buildings in the city, and it is better to use U-segment intercom; if the environment is relatively open, such as the sea, the wilderness, etc., the V-segment intercom is relatively better.


🔸Use occasion


  1. Walkie-talkies are widely used in commerce, industry, etc., such as hotels, guesthouses, KTV, property, clubs, construction sites, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.


  1. For some special occasions, special walkie-talkies need to be selected. Such as coal mine, petroleum, chemical industry and other occasions, you need to choose explosion-proof walkie-talkie to ensure the safety of use. The public security system needs to use police walkie-talkies to ensure the encryption of the communication dialogue.


🔸Appearance volume


The long range walkie-talkie is generally mainly black, so it is not easy to get the walkie-talkie dirty under the condition of frequent operation. Of course, some manufacturers also produce walkie-talkie in multiple colors for users to choose, and you can choose according to your own preference.


After buying a suitable walkie-talkie, you also need the following items to avoid mistakes.


Precautions when using walkie-talkie


  1. Check whether the channel used is correct every time the device is turned on, so as not to cause unnecessary errors;


  1. When using the intercom, avoid high temperature, humidity, flammable gas and other environments away from the refueling station;


  1. When using the walkie-talkie, the action should be light, do not use the antenna part of the walkie-talkie, this is likely to cause damage to the antenna and affect the call;


  1. When charging, it is best to charge more than 8 hours for the first time, otherwise it will affect the charging efficiency and battery life in the future;


  1. The radio of the walkie-talkie cannot be unscrewed and used, otherwise its power tube will be easily damaged during transmission;


  1. To avoid problems caused by electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic compatibility, please turn off the walkie-talkie in the place where the "turn off the walkie-talkie" logo is affixed. Such as hospitals, airports, gas stations and other places.
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