wholesale oem mobile phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem mobile phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 15:22:24

Mobile phones are becoming our account books, wallets and financial tools... There are more things in mobile phones than in your bag. Many times, there are traces of security problems in mobile phones. Don't ignore small problems. It's better to use mobile phones safely. What are the hidden dangers of mobile phone security? Facing all kinds of mobile phone security risks, what should we do? How to use mobile phones safely?


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Mobile phone security risks


  • Phishing


Phishing refers to that criminals lure recipients to give sensitive information (such as user name, password, account ID or credit card details) by sending a large number of fraudulent spam, SMS and instant messaging messages claiming to come from banks or other well-known institutions, and use these information to fake victims for fraudulent financial transactions, so as to obtain economic benefits.


  • Trojan virus


Trojan virus is a hacker tool based on remote control. It usually disguises itself as a package, compressed file, picture, video and other forms to lure users to download and install through web pages, e-mail and other channels. If users open such Trojan horse programs, users' mobile phones and other electronic devices will be controlled by criminals who write Trojan horse programs, As a result, information files are modified or stolen, and electronic account funds are stolen.


  • Pseudo base station


Pseudo base stations are generally composed of hosts and laptops. Criminals can search for mobile phone card information within a certain range around the equipment through pseudo base stations, impersonate any mobile phone number and forcibly send short messages such as fraud and advertising to users' mobile phones through base stations disguised as operators.


  • Information disclosure


At present, the security protection ability of some small and medium-sized websites is weak and vulnerable to hacker attacks. Therefore, the user names and passwords of many registered users are leaked. If the user's payment account is set with the same user name and password, it is very easy to embezzle.


  • Illegal software intrusion


Because mobile phones belong to individuals and are connected to the Internet, various illegal software may be installed unknowingly in the process of browsing the web and downloading applications. Some unscrupulous manufacturers automatically implant their backdoor software in the background during the process of installing mobile phone applications. These software steal and eavesdrop data information in the background unknowingly, and users do not know it, The data may have been obtained, analyzed and used.


  • Confidentiality is not guaranteed


Data security and confidentiality are not guaranteed. Generally, when using mobile applications, people are used to setting automatic login. In this way, once the mobile phone is used or lost by others, internal data or confidential information will undoubtedly be leaked.


  • The scope of propagation cannot be controlled


Because the mobile phone has the characteristics of mobile, the communication signal is very unstable. All mobile applications generally download the system data to the mobile device to save, so as to realize the consistency of the system. In this way, the documents, materials, approval documents, etc. that can only be circulated internally may be spread to any place due to the mobile phone.


  • Many system vulnerabilities


Mobile phone operating systems have many vulnerabilities and defects. Therefore, mainstream operating systems such as Android and IOS will launch a large version of the upgrade plan in less than a year. Mobile APP generally cannot be modified and updated in time. If there are security vulnerabilities, it will cause losses to information security.


Common sense of mobile phone safety


👉These functions should be turned off


  1. Turn off "allow strangers to view ten photos" in the "privacy" option of wechat.


  1. Turn off "search me through QQ friends" and "search me through mobile phone number" in wechat "privacy".


  1. "People nearby" on wechat can locate your location. Click "Settings - General - functions - people nearby" and select "empty and disable".


  1. The iPhone has the "frequent places" function. To turn off this function, click "Settings - Privacy - Location Services - system services - frequent places" in turn to turn off this item.


👉Don't spread this information


  1. Train tickets, airplane tickets, boarding passes: barcode or air tickets and train tickets contain personal information of passengers, including ID number, etc., which may be used to steal personal information by high technology.


  1. Don't expose your passport, home key and license plate: photos containing these information will reveal your specific location at a specific time and the scope of your life circle.


  1. Location information: if pictures with location information are published in the circle of friends, very real personal information will be exposed.


  1. Photos of the elderly at home: it will give the bad guys a higher chance to recognize them. If someone suddenly tells the old man the name of his grandson and adds any lie, the elderlycan easily take out half his life savings.


👉You must do this before discarding your old mobile phone


  1. Completely delete private information when changing mobile phones.


  1. Restore the phone to the factory settings or format, and then store some other irrelevant content to fill the storage space of the phone. After repeated several times, the original data is difficult to recover.


  1. Sell mobile phones to relatively regular manufacturers, or participate in official trade in activities.


  1. Don't throw away your mobile phone as general household garbage.


👉What to do before mobile phone number cancellation


  1. Unbind bank card services such as udun, online banking, mobile banking and SMS notification;


  1. Unbinding securities, fund accounts and other financial businesses;


  1. Unbind third-party payment platforms such as Taobao and wechat;


  1. Change the related telephone number of wechat, microblog, QQ and other services.


👉If you lose your mobile phone, do these things immediately


  1. Call the operator to report the loss of mobile phone number. And apply for a mobile phone card at the operator.


  1. Call the bank to freeze mobile online banking.


  1. remove Alipay binding.


  1. Unbind wechat.


👉Safety precautions for daily use of mobile phones


  1. Don't trust the external network easily. Be careful when connecting to unknown Wi Fi;


  1. Be alert to strange phone calls and text messages. Don't easily believe the contents. Check them in case of anything;


  1. Protect personal privacy and do not take the initiative to disclose it to others;


  1. Don't browse or click erotic pictures and links, beware of being caught;


  1. Download genuine software in the formal application market and official website;


  1. Use security software to protect the mobile phone at all times.


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