wholesale oem phone waterproof exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem phone waterproof exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:47:26

Water ingress is one of the many reasons that cause you to change your phone, and the chances are still relatively high. You may accidentally fall into the water, or the rain may soak your pockets. In any case, changing your phone may ruin your one-month financial expenditure plan. So, how about oem phone waterproof?


In recent years, it seems that waterproof phones have been recognized as the standard configuration of mobile phones. Knowing that these levels are of great use to your purchase of mobile phones, let's start now.


oem phone waterproof


What is the IP dustproof and waterproof rating?

There is no more authoritative explanation than Wikipedia, click here to view.


Interpretation of iP dustproof and waterproof ratings on mobile phones

The initial number represents solid bit security, and also the second number represents fluid infiltration protection. The larger the amount, the greater the protection level.


Benefits of waterproof phones

Having a water-proof phone means that you can easily take photos due to the swimming pool or even use the phone in the rain without stressing over harm to the phone. For example, a smart phone has an IP67 or even IP68 rating-both of which indicate that the smart phone may be immersed in various midsts of water for 30 minutes.


Although you have a waterproof phone, we don’t recommend

❌Rinse directly with water tap

When the water pressure of the faucet reaches a certain level, it is equivalent to taking your mobile phone into deeper waters. At this time, the water pressure of your device is higher than the protection value given by the manufacturer, then the water intake is very lucky. .


Think of it as a function

Insurance is not a function. Some users only know that their mobile phones support waterproofing, and will take it lightly for scenes with water. Actually, low-level waterproofing may not be as good as expected. If you don’t know that the phone is waterproof, it will be better for the life support of the phone.


The greatest significance of non-professional rugged mobile phones with waterproof grades is to reduce the user's maintenance costs. The high-grade waterproof IP67 and IP68 are known, and they know that this is insurance and not a function.


Do waterproof phones need to be maintained?

Waterproof mobile phones also need careful maintenance during use, although it has one more function.


  1. The safest thing for waterproof mobile phones is fresh water below 30°C. Water with too high temperature (such as hot springs or waters exposed to direct sunlight for a long time) can easily age the rubber gasket and lose its waterproof ability; while in sea water The salt contained in it is very easy to make the metal parts rusty, the buttons are difficult to operate, and even the circuit is corroded. Therefore, it is best to soak the phone in fresh water for several hours after using it at the seaside or in sea water.


  1. Although most waterproof mobile phones have dust-proof functions, sand or soil with larger particles is a lethal killer to the mobile phone. Be sure to rinse with water before opening the sealed cover such as replacing the battery or memory card (wipe with a cloth) It is easy to scratch the surface of the machine, and it is also difficult to clean up thoroughly). Otherwise, once the sand is attached to the sealing area, it will easily cause the rubber pad to deform and cause water leakage.


  1. The sealing cover of the battery and the interface can be said to be the weakest link of the waterproof mobile phone. Every time the mobile phone enters the water, the bayonet of the sealing cover should be carefully checked to confirm that it is tightly closed; After soaking, dry the water on the body with a soft cloth to avoid infiltration. After opening the cover, there is likely to be a small amount of water on the upper edge of the inner rubber gasket. Pay more attention to drying it in time.


  1. If your waterproof phone does not have the anti-vibration function, avoid bumping, because it is likely to cause the sealing interface to loosen at the moment of impact.


  1. Although waterproof smartphones are waterproof, it is best to use a waterproof bag or a waterproof case when performing violent water sports such as diving and swimming.


Therefore, our wholesale oem phone waterproof exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer suggest that you must read this content to understand the waterproof level, in order to avoid the situation of taking the phone waterproof as a function.


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