wholesale oem military phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem military phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:58:55

In terms of the characteristics and functions of the military phone, it is also very suitable for outdoor travelers. We know that military mobile phones have three defenses and have very prominent features. You can get something you want to know here from a military phone exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer.


oem military phone


What is a military rugged mobile phone?

The earliest general mobile phone was defined as a mobile phone dedicated to communication in the military. It was developed for the special needs of military operations and marching. It is different from ordinary mobile phones in terms of systems and functions. Its scope of use is only limited to a certain military system, and will not be sold or used on the market.


Military mobile phones are generally tough in shape and have a strong sense of military weight. They are generally black and military green as the main style. In terms of materials, they are mainly made of large military plastic injection molding or ultra-thick steel plates.


Military phone features

In terms of features, the most standard function of armed forces mobile phones is actually the professional three-proof feature, that is, waterproof/dustproof, drop-proof, as well as pressure-proof. Given that army uses usually require to be used in severe atmospheres including deserts, swamps, storm, and pointy surprises, the qualified three-proof feature is the well-known feature of army cellphones. If it carries out not possess outstanding three-proof features, the mobile phone is actually not considered to be a military phone in real feeling. In a particular sense, military mobile phones are actually essentially tough mobile phones.


In addition to the three defense functions, more powerful military mobile phones will also have more professional functions, such as GPS satellite positioning and navigation system, track record and tracking, cross-regional one-key intercom, electronic compass, barometric temperature altimeter and high light bulb, etc. In addition, Military mobile phone batteries generally support ultra-long standby. These professional functions are derived from the special needs of the military in combat, but in the real world, they have been enthusiastically sought after by a large number of travel and adventure lovers. Military mobile phones have almost become a must-choice equipment for the travellers. A multi-functional military mobile phone can reduce a lot of unnecessary equipment load when traveling. Military mobile phones mainly include runbo Q5 and unbo-x6 models.


The difference between military phones and civilian phones

The only similarity between military rugged mobile phones and ordinary rugged mobile phones may be that the two tests of waterproof and dustproof require the same protection capabilities. In other respects, even if the test items are the same, the test conditions of military rugged mobile phones will be the same. Therefore, although they are all rugged mobile phones, the reliability of military rugged mobile phones is higher than that of ordinary rugged mobile phones.


Can military phones only be used by soldiers and police?

Military phones are not regulated to be used only by soldiers and police. If our consumers often go in and out of places that are prone to bumps or bumps, or where there is a lot of dust, military mobile phones can also be purchased for use. People who often do outdoor sports are also very suitable. If you are looking for a military mobile phone for outdoor travel, please contact us.



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