wholesale oem global version rugged phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem global version rugged phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:31:58

Have you ever heard rugged phone? It is a kind of water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof phone which is more practical than most ordinary smart phone sold on the market. And both global version and domestic version of rugged phone manufactured by Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd are available for the potential users. Let’s take a look at rugged phone.


Many manufacturers claim that their rugged phone is water-proof but can’t provide the specific parameter for reference just marketing terms. In view of this, international organization for standardization has put forward IP to measure the degree of protection.


global version rugged phone


What is IP68?


We often see the word "IPXX" on various digital products. This "IPXX" is an international grade standard for dust prevention and waterproof of electrical equipment and packaging, which can be understood as "protection grade".


IP protection level consists of two numbers, and the larger the number, the higher the protection level. The first number indicates the degree of dust resistance ranging from 0 to 6. The second number indicates the degree of moisture resistance and waterproof immersion, starting from 0 to 8. IP68 equipment has reached the highest standard in dust-proof and water-proof, can prevent fine dust, and can even be continuously soaked in water.


Is the IP68 class mobile phone a rugged phone?


Rugged phones can not only be waterproof and dust-proof, but also be shock-proof, and have excellent anti-falling and anti-rolling properties. Although IP68 is the highest level of waterproof and dust-proof standards, it is not enough to become a qualified rugged phone only by IP68 protection level.


To put it bluntly, many IP68 mobile phones are worse than rugged phones in terms of "shockproof" performance, while mobile phones lacking shock-proof performance are easily damaged when impacted and squeezed by excessive external force.


Will "three defenses" be applied on smart phones?


At present, the waterproof in the rugged phone is relatively popular. As for dust-proof and shockproof, many mobile phones can't do it. Moreover, in the next few years, "three defenses" will be difficult to popularize on smart phones.


  • First of all


Rugged phones are mainly suitable for people who often work outdoors and in harsh environments. For most people, the operating system, storage and photographing of mobile phones are far more important than their protective performance.


Considering the user experience, the waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof of mobile phones usually cannot effectively improve the user experience. Many people lack awareness of waterproof and dust-proof. Even if they buy waterproof mobile phones, they will not go to the water to play with mobile phones in order to experience waterproof.


Of course, the main reason why the "three defenses" are difficult to popularize is the problem of cost and cost performance.


We can see that many smart phones have many holes or gaps, such as charging interfaces and speakers, and the buttons on the side of the phone also have gaps. It is very costly to be really waterproof and dust-proof.


  • On the other hand


In order to achieve the protection effect of shock resistance and compression resistance, not only the materials with high hardness and good cushioning effect need to be selected, but also the structural design and manufacturing process of the mobile phone body will be very complicated.


Therefore, joining the rugged phone will obviously increase the cost of mobile phones, thus raising the price. Sometimes, some appearance and configuration need to be sacrificed for this, but consumers may not be able to accept it.


Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale oem global version rugged phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us.





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