wholesale oem keypad mobile phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem keypad mobile phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 17:28:40

With the appearance of smart phone, keypad mobile phone has gradually fade out. Smart phones with thinner and smaller as well as larger screen have become the popularity. However, keypad mobile phone has their own advantages which smart phone can’t catch up with. We are going to introduce the comparison between smart phone and keypad mobile phone.


oem keypad mobile phone


What’s keypad mobile phone?


Keypad mobile phone refers to an old-fashion phone which is equipped with physical keypads on it. Keypad mobile phones can be mainly divided into standard keypad mobile phone and QWERTY keypad phone. The standard keypad mobile phone is designed with 9-keys board on the device, four rows of three buttons each, for a total of 12 buttons while the keypad of QWERTY keypad phone is the same as our computer’s key board.


The benefits of keypad phone


Benefit for special people


For people who are blind or have problem in seeing, keypad mobile phone would bring a great convenience for them. Of course there are some people with a pair of rather larger hand as well as fingers than others, who also have the demand in keypad mobile phone since they may touch by mistake on their touching screen often.


Cheaper than smart phone


Generally speaking, keypad mobile phone is usually much cheaper than smart phone almost with touching screen.


The shortcomings of touching screen phone


Accuracy And Feedback


One downside of a touchscreen cellphone is the absence of accuracy and also responses. Touch display smart phones contain a totally flat screen that does not give the individual responses when pushed. When tapping the display, you might or may not touch the application or establishing you desired. You might additionally come across troubles when accessing the Internet through the gadget's web browser because you might not tap the link or thing you want.


On-screen Keyboard Issues


Difficulty in getting in data, sending text as well as browsing the device's on-screen keyboard is a disadvantage of using the tools. Not all touch screen smart phones include a slide-out keyboard, however the gadgets do consist of an on-screen keyboard. Utilizing the on-screen key-board is a difficulty for people that can not utilize the little keys.


Level of sensitivity Problems


Touch displays are sensitive, as well as you don't have to completely touch the screen to pick items, faucet web links and also complete features. This is a concern that can result in you mistakenly picking a feature such as erase as well as eliminating an e-mail or record. You may or might not have the ability to change your touch display smart phone's level of sensitivity setup.


Display Size


An additional drawback of touch screen mobile phones is the absence of a huge LCD or LED display screen. The gadget's display is smaller sized than a tablet computer system and doesn't permit you to watch a whole web site, record or various other data without scrolling down with your finger. Touch screens vary in dimension with models that are 3.25, 3.5 and also 5.6 inches diagonally. The screen's resolution setup-- the quantity of pixels it can show-- also differs with models, from 480 by 320 pixels, 480 by 854 pixels as well as 480 by 360 pixels.


Accidental Dialing


The majority of phones have a lock attribute that needs you to slide a bar across the phone to unlock the touch display. Nonetheless, some phone do not have this function and on some phones this feature is not secure enough. Because the touch screen can be involved so easily, it is easy for users to call contacts mistakenly-- even when the phone remains in your pocket. This has actually become humorously referred to as "pocket dialing."


Since there are so much downsides of touching screen phone, it is still the main popular phone sold on the market just because the fashion appearance and trend. But if you can ignore the appearance of keypad phone, it would be also a good choice especially for those who just use them to make a call as it sells much cheaper than the ordinary smart phone.


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