Whether the Rugged Phone is Worth Buying

Whether the Rugged Phone is Worth Buying

2021-11-24 11:20:14

With the continuous development of communication technology, more and more smart phones appear on the market for consumers to choose from. However, with that, people have more and more requirements for mobile phones, from simply calls, texting, to the current camera, mobile phone operating speed, fast charging and so on. But while pursuing these, it is necessary to ensure the durability of the mobile phone. Fortunately, almost all mobile phones are rugged phone.


OEM rugged phone


What is a rugged phone?


Three-proof mobile phones or rugged mobile phones refer to mobile phones with slight dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof functions. They are mainly aimed at young users who love outdoor sports or professional users with special needs. With its professional performance, including anti-fall and anti-rolling, the rugged phone can be competent for applications in extremely harsh weather conditions and special occasions.


What types of rugged mobile phones are there?


There are two main categories of rugged mobile phones on the market:


The first category is ordinary rugged mobile phones. Its ruggedness function is only an auxiliary function and can only achieve minor ruggedness. This kind of mobile phone is generally stylish and has no obvious difference from ordinary mobile phones on the market. IP56 and IP57 can be classified into this category.


The second category is just professional rugged mobile phones. This kind of mobile phone is completely different from ordinary mobile phones in terms of shape and rugged coefficient. It can even withstand immersion in water and crushed by cars for a certain period of time. Its target audience is professional outdoor mountaineering, wading and other adventure sports enthusiasts, and some people who like the military, because of its unique shape and strong physique, have a soft spot for it. IP67 and IP68 can be classified into this category.


What is the IP rating system?


We can often hear what the selling point of a certain rugged phone is IP57 and IP58 waterproof. But what is this "IP"? What does the number behind mean? In fact, the IP here is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, which means The degree of protection of the shell of the electronic device against the intrusion of foreign objects from the outside. The IP classification system was originally proposed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and defined in its own IEC 60529 standard. The IP classification system is represented by IPXX. The first X represents the level of protection of the enclosure from intrusion of solid foreign objects (dust level), and the second X represents the level of water resistance (waterproof level) of the enclosure.


Dust proof grade:


  • 0 No protection;


  • 1 can prevent solids <50 mm (diameter, the same below), such as palms;


  • 2 can prevent solids <12.5 mm, such as fingers;


  • 3 can prevent solids <2.5 mm, such as screwdrivers;


  • 4 can prevent solids <1 mm, such as wires;


  • 5 can prevent enough dust to cause harm;


  • 6 completely prevent the intrusion of dust;


Water proof grade:


  • Level 0 no protection;


  • Level 1 can eliminate the harmful effects of falling water droplets vertically;


  • Level 2 has a protective effect on water droplets falling within 15 degrees from the vertical;


  • Level 3 can eliminate the harmful effects of spray-like water droplets at 60 degrees from the vertical;


  • Level 4 can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water droplets from different directions;


  • Level 5 can eliminate the harmful effects of water jets from nozzles in all directions;


  • Level 6 can eliminate the harmful effects of the powerful jet of water from the nozzles in all directions;


  • The top of Level 7 is 0.15-1m away from the water surface, for 30 minutes continuously, the performance is not affected, and there is no water leakage;


  • The top of level 8 is 1.5-30 meters away from the water surface for 30 minutes without affecting performance and water leakage;


What is the IP58 rating and IP67 rating?


From the above introduction, it can be seen that the protection level IP58 represents that it has a better dust-proof effect, and at the same time, it can be kept in a water-tight state for 30 minutes in a water depth of less than 1.5 meters. The IP67 rating is able to achieve complete dust-proof effect, and keep it in a normal state of use without water leakage for 30 minutes at a water depth of 1.5 meters or less. This level of protection has reached the professional three-proof standard. And our rugged phones fully meets this requirement, you can use it with confidence.


Rugged mobile phones have become a big buying point, mainly because they have pierced some pain points in the lives of ordinary consumers. For example, many users will take their mobile phones into the shower room while taking a shower while watching movies, or accidentally drop their mobile phones in the water, or even taking pictures underwater, the emergence of rugged mobile phones solve these problems to a certain extent.


If you want to have an OEM rugged phone, don’t forget to contact us, as a leading and professional manufacturer, we will provide you with high quality products and reliable service.


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