The Benefits of Using NFC Smartphone

The Benefits of Using NFC Smartphone

2021-11-23 18:56:12

NFC is the near field communication function, its full name is: Near Field Communication, that is, the short-distance wireless communication technology. The biggest feature of NFC is --- "near": combining the card reader and point-to-point functions on a single chip can achieve near distance data exchange. NFC, which was first jointly developed by Philips and Sony, is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology that enables short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and smart control tools. Today's NFC smartphones have become very popular and widely used in all over the world.


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What are the advantages of NFC?


Compared with Bluetooth, NFC has a higher transmission rate for data transmission, and the connection between devices is faster and more stable than Bluetooth. In addition, compared to WiFi, NFC is also simpler than WiFi transmission. It does not require other software, nor does it require one party to create a hotspot and the other to connect to it like WiFi. In addition, NFC not only can realize this simple data transmission, but also has other functions. So, what can you do with NFC?


What are the applications of NFC smartphones?


✔️Access Card


Now many people can use their mobile phones or other wearable devices to swipe their access card to get in and out. In fact, the reason why these devices they use can realize the access control card function is because they have a built-in NFC module. These devices can simulate the information of the access control card through the NFC module, and then store it. When the card is swiped, the NFC will communicate with the access control by using the stored data. Therefore, the access control can be successfully opened, thus realizing the function of the access control card. It's very convenient, and you will never be afraid of forgetting the access card.




Nowadays, people rarely carry cash or bank cards when going out, and as one of the mobile payment methods, mobile wallets also need to use NFC functions. Like the current contactless transaction: The wallet App on the mobile phone uses the NFC function to interact with some POS machines or other transaction devices that support NFC through the NFC protocol, so that contactless transactions can be realized.


✔️Bus card and subway card


Nowadays mobile phones basically support the use of NFC function to simulate bus cards and subway cards. No matter if you go out by bus or subway, you no longer have to buy a ticket. You only need to take out your mobile phone, turn on the NFC function, and swipe it close to the scanner. There is no need to invest in coins or line up to buy tickets anymore, which greatly facilitates everyone's travel.


✔️Top up the metro card and bus card


When everyone had no money for the bus or subway card, they needed to go to a special place to recharge the card. You have to wait in line every time, which is a waste of time. Now with the NFC smartphone, you can recharge only by operating on the phone, which is very convenient.


✔️File transfer


Two mobile phones that support NFC can transfer files through contact, no tedious operations are required, only back contact is required, and you can choose to share pictures, files or other information from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. And the transmission speed is much faster with Bluetooth. It can be said that this way of transferring files is very convenient and fast.


There are other functions: for example, with the help of some software, you can obtain the information on the ID card, or check the recent transaction information on the bank card (IC card), etc. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. We are nfc smartphone factory and will provide you with professional services and high-quality products.

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