Why are Waterproof Smartphones not Popular?

Why are Waterproof Smartphones not Popular?

2021-11-23 18:26:06

Everyone knows that mobile phones have three protections (dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof). Among them, waterproof is the most important of the three functions. After all, almost mobile phones will be damaged if they accidentally fall into the water. Waterproof smartphone is a very practical, which means that our beloved mobile phone has an extra layer of extremely important protection. However, waterproof mobile phones are so practical, but they have not been popularized. What is going on? As a waterproof smartphone exporter, we will give you answer.


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The history of waterproof smartphone


Everyone should have seen that some mobile phones will emphasize the support of IPXX waterproof level when they are promoted. This is the international standard for dust and water resistance of electrical appliances. The first number represents the dustproof level (0-6). Level 0-4 is basically useless, the difference between 5 and 6 is whether it can prevent very small dust, the difference is not very big. The second number represents the waterproof level (0-8). The waterproof level 1-6 is basically a gradual improvement in splash resistance, and the level 6 can already prevent the big waves coming on the face. Reaching the two levels of 7-8 means that your phone can be placed in the water and withstand the water pressure for a certain period of time.


The world's first truly waterproof mobile phone was the Ericsson R250 PRO launched by Ericsson in 1999. This machine became the object of imitation of the waterproof mobile phone later. In the era of smart phones, the success of Motorola Defy has brought the feasibility of waterproof smartphone. However, the waterproof function has not received the attention of most mobile phone manufacturers. It was not until 2012 that Sony included dust and water resistance as the focus of mobile phone design. At present, it can be waterproof and dustproof on mobile phones and has been doing it. SONY can be said to be the originator of the waterproof smartphones.


However, it has been 2021 from the first waterproof mobile phone. At present, most mobile phones on the market can only achieve splash water resistance of 6 or below. Why are waterproof mobile phones so practical but not popular? What’s the real reason?


The reasons why waterproof smartphone are not popular


On the one hand, the issue of manufacturing cost. The manufacture of waterproof mobile phones requires more processes and a longer production cycle. For example, before and after mass production, mobile phones must undergo quality testing in the laboratory, which is costly. A series of waterproof designs will add a lot of cost to the phone. Just adding a layer of "waterproof membrane" to the speakers, earpieces, and microphones makes the material cost very expensive. In addition to the cost of materials and design, before and after mass production of waterproof mobile phones, the mobile phones must undergo laboratory quality testing, which is not low.


On the other hand, the issue of maintenance costs. In order to be waterproof, there is a sealed waterproof space inside the design of the mobile phone. If the phone has a problem, the whole phone is generally replaced.


In addition, for ordinary users, even if they buy a waterproof mobile phone, many people do not want to play with the mobile phone in the water, and deliberately challenge the waterproof performance of the mobile phone, but just in case. But if the price of a waterproof mobile phone is much higher than that of a normal mobile phone, many people will buy a cheaper mobile phone without a waterproof function with the mentality of "I won't let the phone fall into the water". What do you think? But in particular, the waterproof smartphone don't cost much more than ordinary phones, in order to avoid the unnecessary loss, you can just have a try.

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