How to Do When the Phone Is In Water

How to Do When the Phone Is In Water

2022-05-17 11:27:48

Cell phone into the water is not something new, I believe that many people when playing with the phone may appear accidentally dropped the phone into the water, and even often a lot of people go to the toilet accidentally, the phone fell into the toilet and so on. Cell phone into the water situation is divided into 3 kinds, the next we will discuss together.


How to deal with the phone dropped in the water?


cell phone


In the case of power on the fall into the water, this situation generally does not need to disassemble the machine to deal with.


Step 1: Power off as soon as possible.


Step 2: Dry with force, but do not throw the machine off, the idea is to shake the water out of the screen. If the screen residual water droplets, there will be traces after drying.


Step 3: Place under a desk lamp, spotlight and other light heat sources to let the moisture slowly dissipate. This process takes more than six hours. Do not be anxious to use a strong heat source such as a hair dryer.


After these three processing steps, the power supply can basically work properly.


In the case of power failure dropped into the absence of corrosive liquids. This situation can basically determine that the machine is not damaged. But perhaps the LCD screen will be more difficult to see.


Step 1: Shake dry, but do not throw the machine off.


Step 2: If there are no traces on the LCD screen, according to the first point of STEP 3 processing.


Step 3: If there is something left on the screen and very serious, do not deal with the first point of STEP 3, because the electronic circuitry after such treatment can work normally, but the screen may be quite ugly. It can be sent to the nearest maintenance department to deal with or do it yourself to disassemble the machine to clean up.


Dropped into non-clear water when the power is on, or dropped into corrosive liquid or viscous liquid or other ministry clean liquid regardless of whether the power is on.


This situation is the most problematic, but after proper handling of the machine recovery is also a great opportunity.


Step 1: Disconnect the power as soon as possible.


Step 2: If the machine is dropped into a corrosive liquid (such as seawater), immediately rinse the machine with water. Or immerse the machine in water and try to thin out the corrosive liquid inside.


Step 3: Disassemble the machine as soon as possible. But take your time when disassembling the machine.


Step 4: Clean the machine with alcohol or professional machine wash water.


Step 5: Assemble or give the whole pile of disassembled things to the repair point, so that the repair point again clean as well as assembled.


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Hope the above steps will give you some substantial help, more questions, welcome to contact us at any time.




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