Classification of Walkie Talkies

Classification of Walkie Talkies

2022-04-28 16:45:53

As walkie-talkies enter the civil market, people begin to use walkie-talkies more and more when traveling and shopping. Walkie-talkies are even found in the access control of community units. Today, let's talk about the classification of walkie-talkies.




From the working mode of communication


A walkie-talkie is divided into simplex communication and duplex communication. Simplex communication means that at the same time, information can only be transmitted in one direction. You say I listen, I say you listen. The transmitting and receiving of this walkie-talkie can only work alternately, not at the same time. Duplex communication refers to the two-way transmission of the information at the same time. Just like making a phone call, you can listen while speaking.


From the way of use


Walkie talkies are divided into handheld wireless type, vehicle (ship, machine) wireless type, relay desktop type, etc. Among them, the relay desk is special. It forwards the received signals of a certain frequency band directly through its transmitter on other frequencies. These two groups of signals with different frequencies do not affect each other, allowing two groups of users to communicate on different frequencies. It has the characteristics of transmitting and receiving at the same time without interfering with each other.


From the technical design


It is divided into analog walkie-talkies using analog communication technology (also known as a traditional walkie-talkie) and digital walkie-talkie using digital communication technology. In terms of equipment level, it is divided into an amateur radio walkie-talkie and a professional radio walkie-talkie. The former is designed to meet the use of radio enthusiasts, while the latter is mostly used in the professional business of group teams. In terms of communication business, it can be divided into a public walkie talkie, digital walkie talkie, police walkie talkie, marine walkie talkie, aviation walkie talkie, etc.


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