wholesale oem small phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem small phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 14:25:36

With the popularity of 5G network, the mobile phone screen is becoming larger and larger. There are many advantages of large screen. The experience of watching videos, playing games and so on is super good. Of course, some consumers are keen on small screens, which are easy to carry and light to use.


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Difference between large screen mobile phone and Small screen mobile phone


Large screen mobile phone


  • Good visual experience


Large screen mobile phones have better display effect, which is better than small screen mobile phones in terms of browsing web pages, mobile games, watching videos and other use experiences.


  • Touch sensitive


The screen touch is more accurate. Under the same resolution, the larger the screen size, the greater the distance to arrange the touch points, the more the number of touch points, and the more the number of touch points makes the touch screen more accurate. The large screen is easy to dissipate heat. The same heat can be dissipated in a relatively large space, which is bound to dissipate faster, which is conducive to the control of mobile phone heat dissipation.


  • Strong battery life


The biggest advantage of large space is that it can improve the battery capacity under the condition of the same battery energy density. Now the batteries of large screen mobile phones are generally more than 3000 MAH, which can basically ensure normal use without charging all day.


Small screen mobile phone


The small screen mobile phone is easier to carry. The most intuitive thing is that when you don't bring a bag in summer and your trouser pocket is very small, the large screen mobile phone can't be loaded and can only be held in your hand, while the small screen mobile phone can be easily loaded. Small screen mobile phones are often easy to operate with one hand, while large screen mobile phones often need two hands to operate, which will be unstable when used with one hand.


Why are there fewer and fewer small screen mobile phones now?


📌Market demand


Manufacturers mainly focus on large screen mobile phones. Giving up small screen mobile phones is also determined by the current market demand. Small screen mobile phones certainly have their advantages, such as easy to carry, one hand operation, etc., but large screen mobile phones have better appearance, more comfortable keyboard operation, larger battery and endurance. In front of these, the advantages of small screen mobile phones are almost ignored, which is why many people can't go back to the small screen era after changing large screen mobile phones.


📌Advantages of large screen mobile phone


After entering the era of full screen mobile phones, the volume of traditional 4.7 inch screen mobile phones such as iphone 8 can be stuffed into 5.5 inch or even larger mobile phone screens. These mobile phones combine the advantages of traditional small screen mobile phones, and have more powerful performance and functions, which can still be favored by small screen mobile phone users.


The full screen mobile phone also brings the upgrading of the concept of large and small screen. For example, although Xiaomi 8SE has a 5.88 inch screen, it is only the volume of the traditional 5.2 inch screen mobile phone, which has become the "small screen flagship", while the full screen mobile phone with more than 6 inches has gradually become the mainstream size.




Mobile phone manufacturers also play an important role in it. After they mainly promote large screen mobile phones with higher profits, the market demand is strong, so they gradually ignore small screen mobile phones, resulting in uneven quality of small screen mobile phones in the market, performance and functions lag behind the mainstream large screen mobile phones, and the price is not necessarily much cheaper. In this way, users can only choose large screen mobile phones. Maybe this is called "kidnapped by manufacturers".


📌User's own needs


Facts have also proved that more consumers are willing to pursue a larger screen area. On the basis of increasing the screen, the smaller the size of the mobile phone, the better. This is the future direction, because no matter how much people like large mobile phones, there is always a limit to the size of mobile phones.


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