wholesale oem rug mobile phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem rug mobile phone exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 14:36:32

The mobile phone is a common communication tool, and the basic requirements of its quality should be familiar to us. The quality standards of each mobile phone are different. So, how do you choose? Today we introduce to you our most popular and rug mobile phone.


rug mobile phone


Use performance




Phonemax uses MediaTek MT6762D with Octa(8)-core 2.0 GHZ and 8GB RAM running memory. The feature of the rug Phonemax architecture is that in the "dynamic standby" (that is, running background processes) and music and video playback, all four main cores are turned off to save energy, leaving only the co-core running. When running applications that require higher performance, the main cores are turned on one by one as needed, and the secondary cores are turned off at the same time. The switching delay does not exceed 2 milliseconds.




When we buy a rug mobile phone, its camera function is one of our concerns. Phonemax is one of the most powerful smartphones currently on the market. In addition to the powerful quad-core processor, this phone uses vivo camera technology, so the camera function have been greatly improved. It not only adopts an 8-megapixel back-illuminated camera, but also supports zero-delay shooting, 5 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting, and the function of taking pictures while recording. It is much better than ordinary digital camera.


🔸Screen resolution


A 6.35-inch S-LCD2 super-large screen is used on the front, with a resolution of 720+1560 pixels, and the display effect is delicate. However, the consequence of high resolution brought by high image quality is high power consumption and higher heat generation. For this, users have to make their own choices.


🔸Service life


The built-in battery can save battery power. Our rug phonemax mobile phone is equipped with a regular and well-known mobile power supply produced by a professional mobile phone battery manufacturer, which can relieve mobile phone battery fatigue and prolong mobile phone battery life.


Phonemax uses a capacitive screen. The current transparent conductive material ITO-oxidized metal is very fragile and will be damaged after a few touches. It cannot be used directly as a working layer. It depends on adding a very thin layer of hard glass to the outside.


🔸Safety and health


Speaking of the built-in battery, because our phonemax is an all-in-one machine, the battery is impossible to disassemble. On the one hand, the advantage is that it eliminates the user's entanglement about whether the battery is original (99% of the case of parallel original battery replacement). On the other hand, if something goes wrong with the battery, such as swelling and other dangerous situations, it is not easy to see if it is not serious.


🔸Environmental friendly


Phonemax has a one-piece body design, using polycarbonate material, comparable to the robustness of metal, but the weight is very light. When in use, the radiation to the human body is small; after being discarded, the pollution to the environment is small.




The frame around the fuselage is polished plastic, and the other places are very delicate matte texture. When you hold the rug mobile phone in your hand, you can feel different from other mobile phones: it is very beautiful and feels good in the hand. The slightly curved body design does not appear to be so dull. The weight control is quite satisfactory, and it won't feel cumbersome to hold it in your hand. Phonemax does not have many interfaces and buttons on the body to affect the simplicity of the entire phone. Except for the volume button and screen switch on the right, phonemax basically discarded all unnecessary buttons. The screen switch key is set on the right side of the top of the phone, so that both the left hand and the right hand can use the index finger to turn on the screen.


After reading this article, what do you think of phonemax? Do you want to experience it? Our phonemax is only $159.00. If you are interested in it, we are a wholesale oem rug mobile phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us.

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