wholesale oem android tablet exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem android tablet exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 18:08:15

The size of the Android tablet also has accounted for the price, and if it is too large, it is inconvenient to carry; the size is too small, and it is inconvenient to watch a drama. Therefore, our android tablet exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer provide important purchasing skills.


oem android tablet


What size is the best choice

Size is an important factor to consider when buying a tablet. Yes, small-sized tablets are cheaper and large-sized tablets are expensive, but the difference is far more than that.


If you want a cheap, light, and portable tablet, 7 inches is the best choice.

The main advantage of the 7-inch tablet is its low price and easy portability. Their cost and weight are much less than large-size tablets, but the screen quality, performance and battery life cannot be compared with large-size tablets. Therefore, it can also be said that the 7-inch tablet is more suitable for home users, because the 7-inch tablet is a size that children can play smoothly with small hands, and the 7-inch tablet can be taken everywhere to travel, on the train or on the sunny beach, use the tablet to watch reading is a good enjoyment.


The experience of watching movies or surfing the Internet on a 7-inch tablet will not be great. Limited by the small body, most of them are "fragile", and the sound effects are not much better. Therefore, the 7-inch tablet cannot be used for office use. Staring at such a small screen for a long time can easily damage the eyes.


A 10-inch tablet is the best choice for office and entertainment.

Like smartphones, tablet computers are also driven to grow bigger and bigger. Today, the largest tablet screen on the market can reach 13 inches. Large tablets are usually heavy and therefore inconvenient to carry. However, while sacrificing portability, you will get more, such as excellent screens, sound effects and performance.


The most important thing is that many 10-inch tablets are now equipped with keyboard accessories, which can become highly efficient laptops when plugged in. However, the price of such a 10-inch flat panel is usually more than twice that of a small 7-inch flat panel.


If you want to balance the two, choose an 8-inch tablet.

An 8-inch tablet is neither too big nor too small. The experience of browsing the web, reading a book, and watching a movie is better than that of a 7-inch tablet, and its portability is better than that of a 10-inch tablet. Of course, the price of an 8-inch tablet is generally more expensive than a 7-inch tablet, but it is much cheaper than a 10-inch high-end tablet. Therefore, 8 inches is the most popular size among all tablet sizes.


Based on the above, you can refer to and make your final decision.


How much should I invest in Android tablets

The price difference between the cheapest tablet and the most expensive tablet can be huge. You may want to wholesale oem android tablet online, when you are searching for this key information, you will find that there are tablets that can be bought for £100 and tablets that can be bought for £1,000. Normally, the price of a 7-inch "small" tablet is lower, while a 10-inch "big" tablet is more expensive.


Unless you plan to use the tablet as an office device, there is no reason to spend more than £300 on an Android tablet. The price of some high-end Android tablets will be higher, but the corresponding ones also have better features, better screens, or stylus.


A tablet computer between £100 and £300 is more than enough for tasks such as watching TV, reading, games, and surfing the Internet. In fact, most consumers buy tablets for leisure and entertainment. If you need a wholesale oem android tablet exporter,factory supplier and manufacturer, welcome to contact us through the bottom ways.


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