The Two Important Parameters You Should Consider When Choosing Mobile Phones

The Two Important Parameters You Should Consider When Choosing Mobile Phones

2021-11-19 14:59:06

As mobile phone technology continues to mature, there are more and more mobile phones on the market for us to choose from, including colors, functions, brands, and so on. However, it is inevitable that the quality of mobile phones is uneven. So, how to choose a good quality mobile phone? As a rugged phone exporter, in this blog we mainly introduce you to the two most important parameters: processor and GPU. Hope that it can give you some reference.


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The processor is the heart of a mobile phone. A powerful processor trumps everything, the CPU determines the speed, and the GPU determines the image. The backbone of the system mobile phone is now the Android system. Apple is its own IOS, and Microsoft’s WP system is mostly used by Nokia. Regarding the screen resolution, material, etc., a large-screen mobile phone does not have a high resolution. ROM refers to memory, RAM is storage, and the amount of storage indirectly determines the speed. I believe you will watch the camera with millions of pixels. There are also some key technologies. Stacked is better than back-illuminated.




The core of the mobile phone processor is the main factor that determines the performance of the mobile phone processor. The role of control and scheduling is similar to that of administrators in our lives. The number of cores refers to the hand. There are several core administrators in the mobile phone processor. Of course, the more cores, the mobile phone processor.


The higher the processing efficiency and capacity. The core number of mobile phones has reached 10 cores at most, but many flagship machines and high-end machines use indeed 4-core processors, but some low-end machines often use 8-core processors. Why is this? This needs to be considered.


The next two points:


  1. The relationship between the number of cores and power consumption, the more the number of cores, the faster the processing speed of the mobile phone.But at the same time it also brings higher power consumption, the most direct manifestation is the "hot" of the mobile phone. In other words, when you ask multiple "managers" to manage your company at the same time, you have to consider whether their "salary" is affordable for you.


  1. The necessity of multiple core tasks, in short, is that we use hands every day。


Whether multiple cores are required to work at the same time in the process of computer. In fact, we use hands every day in the process of computer, only two cores will work, unless you are running games or multitasking when processing, more cores will be used. It's also a way for phone makers to address power and performance issues, so we don't often use as many processors with eight or more cores.


GPU graphics card


The GPU of a mobile phone is integrated in the CPU, but its importance is the same as that of a computer's graphics card. GPUs are called graphics processors and are designed to perform complex mathematical and geometric calculations. By design, these calculations are necessary for graphics rendering. So the GPU determines the graphics processing function of the mobile processor. To put it simply, the GPU determines whether you can "play happily" when using professional software or running games on the mobile phone.  That's one of the things that we tend to miss when we're choosing a phone processor, but it is crucial. Some mobile phone manufacturers also intentionally or unintentionally avoid talking about the GPU, often drawing our attention to the number of cores in the processor.


A rugged mobile phone mainly relies on the functions of two parameters, so you must choose carefully when choosing a mobile phone. If you still have some doubts, please feel free to contact us.

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