Basic Information About Ip68 Mobile Phone

Basic Information About Ip68 Mobile Phone

2021-11-22 17:42:42

Recently, rainfall has surged everywhere, so it is inevitable that mobile phones will get some water. As an indispensable electronic product in life, waterproof has become a very important function, but people are quite dissatisfied with the current IP68 phone market. Why? It's too expensive. Ordinary people simply can't afford ip68 phones. If you have no idea about ip68 phone, please read on.




What is IP68?


For ordinary people, IP68 should have been heard frequently, but few people know what its true meaning is. IP is the abbreviation of Ingression Protection, which is used to mark the protection level of electrical equipment against foreign body invasion. The following two digits correspond to dustproof and waterproof levels respectively. Of course, the IP68 standard of different devices is also different. For a mobile phone, if the nominal name of the mobile phone is IP68, it can stay underwater for 30 minutes within 1.5 m, which can basically ensure that the normal use of the mobile phone will not be damaged due to water.

The brief history of IP68 phone


In fact, IP68 mobile phone is not something new. The first IP68 mobile phone in my personal impression is Motorola ME525 in 2010. It is cheap enough and not as heavy as other mobile phones. But then the company was acquired by Lenovo. However, IP68 has not been abandoned by other mobile phone manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc., which have also launched their own mobile phones that can support IP68.


What does IP68 mean to ordinary people?


For most people, the more significance of IP68 may be that the mobile phone will not break when it suddenly falls into the water. But the meaning of IP68 is actually not that simple. It is the greatest significance of IP68 mobile phone to ensure normal use in case of emergency. As far as this flood is concerned, it is completely different for a mobile phone to hang up when it enters the water at the first time and to be firm for a period of time. As long as the mobile phone doesn't hang up at the first time, people will instinctively protect the devices that can contact the outside world. If it can be used, it means that you can wait for the base station to repair and contact the outside world, so the greater the probability of your rescue. I think this is the real meaning of IP68 mobile phones to users, especially in our country, which is not very rare in summer.


The biggest shortage of ip68 mobile phone

At present, the biggest shortage of IP68 mobile phone market is what I said at the beginning. In one word, it is expensive. Because no matter which mobile phone manufacturer, IP68 technology is only applied to flagship mobile phones, which is far from enough. Today, IP68 technology has already matured. As a thing that can save users' lives at a critical moment, it should not only exist in high-priced products. Now more and more manufacturers are offering technologies such as extreme standby, but the premise of all this is that your mobile phone can still be used. In this case, why not let IP68 appear on mobile phones as an aid? Although the cost will be higher, I think there will still be users who are willing to accept the premium brought by this cost. No matter how many flagship mobile phones IP68 are, they will not benefit everyone, because most people buy mobile phones with a price of 1,000 ~ 3,000 yuan, or even less than 2,000 yuan. Only by popularizing IP68 on these mobile phones can this technology really play its due role. Moreover, the 1000 yuan machine is not as hot as the flagship machine, and there is no need to worry about the poor heat dissipation caused by IP68.


In conclusion


Ip68 mobile phones’ prohibitive prices make people abandon waterproof function. But we are providing high quality ip68 mobile phone with a rather cheap price. If you have any need please feel free to contact us.




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