Several Factors to Consider when Buying Walkie Talkie

Several Factors to Consider when Buying Walkie Talkie

2022-03-18 15:28:20

Walkie-talkies are the best way to keep in touch between teams, whether it's hard to field travel or leisure skiing, horse riding, and other activities. The particularity of field activities puts forward some special requirements for us to purchase aircraft, among which the key considerations are:


  1. Power supply
  2. Frequency point compatibility
  3. Operability, waterproof and shockproof
  4. Power


walkie talkie


  • Selection of power supply


Common interphone power supplies include lithium rechargeable batteries, nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and AA alkali batteries. Generally, charging cannot be carried out in the field, so the standby time and talk time of the walkie-talkie are important parameters. Otherwise, problems often occur due to insufficient power of the walkie-talkie when communication is most needed.


Generally speaking, the interphone powered by a lithium battery and nickel-metal hydride has relatively high power, but the backup battery is a big problem; The power of an interphone powered by an alkali battery is generally less than 2W, but it is still possible to carry dozens of No. 5 batteries up the mountain.


  • Communication frequency point


The relationship between communication frequency and radio communication is as inseparable as road and car. Now there are two main sources of common walkie talkies: those brought back from abroad; Civil walkie talkies purchased by domestic regular stores. Although they all communicate in the UHF band, the communication frequency points of these two types of walkie-talkies are also very different due to the differences between domestic radio band management regulations and international standards.


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