All You Need To Know About Walkie Talkie

All You Need To Know About Walkie Talkie

2021-11-10 16:29:34

Although both walkie-talkies and mobile phones are wireless communication devices, in one-to-one and one-to-many directional special communication, walkie talkie has the characteristics of faster communication, which is unmatched by mobile phones. So how will the communication distance of long range walkie talkie be affected?


We all hope to find good equipment from a long range walkie talkie exporter, so about the long range, what are the factors that affect the range?


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The communication distance of the walkie-talkie is affected by the following:

  • Transmitting power of the walkie-talkie;
  • The sensitivity of the walkie-talkie;
  • Terrain;
  • The working frequency band and antenna gain of the walkie-talkie.


Walkie talkie is also a two way radio. It is a two-way mobile communication tool. It can realize calls without any network support and does not incur call charges. It is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls. There are currently three types of walkie-talkies: analog walkie-talkies, digital walkie-talkies, and IP walkie-talkies.


Transmission distance of walkie-talkie

The transmission distance of the walkie-talkie is actually very much related to the equipment that the walkie-talkie sends and receives signals, and is also affected by the environment and the type of the walkie-talkie.


If some interference factors are excluded, there is no interference between the two walkie-talkies. Without obstructions, the theoretical communication distance can reach about 5 kilometers. If there are obstructions or sources of interference between the two walkie-talkies, then This communication distance will be greatly reduced.


But this is not absolute. If the output power of the device that transmits signals from the walkie-talkie is strong, then this range can be further expanded, and the "back-to-back" radio equipment used on the battlefield is actually a high-power transmitter. If the walkie-talkie is equipped with a powerful transmitter and receiver, then this distance can continue to increase.


Additionally, whether it is an analog walkie-talkie or a digital walkie-talkie, the communication between them relies on a specific frequency for transmission. The transmission distance has a lot to do with interference sources, obstructions, and the equipment that the walkie-talkie transmits and receives signals, but if If it is an IP walkie-talkie, this restriction can be broken.


IP walkie-talkies rely on the local "communication network" to make calls. Although they also rely on the transmission of signals between the "frequency bands", these walkie-talkies all have a built-in mobile phone card, and the signal transmission of communication depends on some local operators. Equipment, such as base stations, switching antennas, etc., and the communication distance of this type of IP walkie-talkie can reach as far as tens of kilometers, and similar walkie-talkies are used in taxis.


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Is the walkie-talkie different from a mobile phone?

Walkie-talkies are long-distance and long-wave transmission, while mobile devices are short-wave and short-distance. Physically speaking, 4g.5g.6g.7g, these Gs represent frequency. Long wave and short wave are about frequency. Why is it called long wave? The transmission distance is long, and why is the long wave transmission long? Because the distance between its peaks and valleys is relatively long, the peaks and valleys are as high as several hundred meters. This is the natural performance of long waves, so long waves can reach ten kilometers away with only a few wavelengths.


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