5 Questions You Must Know When Choosing a Handphone

5 Questions You Must Know When Choosing a Handphone

2021-11-01 18:24:30

There are many styles and functions of smart phones. Whether you have an Apple or an Android, you need to avoid these five misunderstandings when choosing a handphone. As the rugged handphone exporter, we also provide you with tips for choosing the right phone.


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1. The more CPU cores, the stronger the performance?

This is the most common misunderstanding. Nowadays, the number of cores of mobile phone processors is indeed increasing. From single-core to dual-core to quad-core, eight-core or even ten-core mobile phone processors a few years ago, the performance of mobile phone processors has indeed improved a lot, but the processor The performance is not directly proportional to the number of cores.


2. The larger the handphone memory, the better?

Large memory does have certain advantages. However, this does not mean that the larger the memory, the better the mobile phone. The larger memory will eventually require consumers to pay, which will inevitably increase the cost of users choosing mobile phones and the potential power consumption.


Large memory is conducive to large-scale APP operation and multi-task switching

It is not only the running memory that determines the smoothness of a mobile phone, but also the processor and current network speed. If the three are missing, it will not be a game. If the processor is not good and the operation is very slow, it will be useless to have a large RAM and a high network speed.


Equipped with larger memory, consumers will inevitably bear more funds for this

Generally speaking, for many mobile phones, the more memory the mobile phone will run smoothly. But many mobile phones have a high price when they are equipped with high memory.

The size of RAM memory will affect the speed of the phone to a certain extent, but it is not a decisive factor. The proper combination of CPU + RAM + ROM + hardware + system can have the best mobile phone experience, otherwise it is just a waste of resources to equip with larger memory.


3. The higher the pixel of the camera, the better to take pictures?

Pixels and photography are not equal, especially at night.

In fact, mobile phone pixels are only one of the reasons that affect the quality of the camera. The quality of the lens, the manufacturer's tuning, the camera algorithm, whether there is optical image stabilization, etc. will all affect the final image quality.


High-pixel camera does not determine the quality of mobile phone photos

To give a simple example, the 800W pixel camera on the iPhone 6 3 years ago basically killed all Android devices at that time. At that time, the pixels of some Android phones had reached 2100W. Therefore, high pixels does not necessarily mean that the picture is good.


4. The higher the screen resolution, the better?

The 1080P resolution actually far meets the viewing requirements of the human eye, and the higher resolution is theoretically clearer, and it is almost indistinguishable by the naked eye, but it will increase the power consumption.


The screen of the mobile phone is ultimately to be used by people. When people are watching the screen of the mobile phone, they are not close to the screen, but at a distance. In this way, the ability of the human eye to recognize pixels is even weaker. Therefore, from the human eye, the display effect of a high-resolution screen is not necessarily much better than that of a slightly lower-resolution screen. Nowadays, the 2K resolution of the mobile phone screen is the limit that the human eye can discern. No matter how high the screen resolution is It's already a gimmick for mobile phone manufacturers.


Under different resolutions, the actual observation difference with the naked eye is very small
Therefore, when buying a mobile phone, you should not be confused by the high-resolution propaganda of the mobile phone manufacturer. A mobile phone only needs to look at the screen comfortably and the display effect is good. There is no need to pursue the ultimate high-resolution screen.


5. The more expensive the handphone, the better?

Expensive is reasonable, but not necessarily good. Some mobile phones are not equipped and sell expensive, and some mobile phones have high configuration and sell cheaply. Choosing a good mobile phone mainly considers the workmanship, configuration and experience of the software system. Don't blindly pursue expensive phones.


3 Tips for choosing the right handphone

We all hope that customers choose the most rugged handphone, whether it is performance or quality, the following tips will be very helpful for you to choose a mobile phone.


① Clarify your needs for mobile phone performance and functions

As a mobile communication terminal, a mobile phone is always a tool. Therefore, it is not to say that the more expensive the mobile phone is, the better. Not everyone needs it, especially for friends with limited budgets, it is even more important to be clear about their needs.


② Buy well-selling mobile phones

There are many mobile phone brands, but in fact there are also many knockoffs. Although the hardware configuration is very cost-effective, it is easy to use and durable. Obviously, a good-selling mobile phone also has an advantage, that is, it is recognized by the public, and there is basically no need to worry too much after the sale.


③ Buy broken screen insurance

The most important mobile phone is to buy broken screen insurance. Although you have a rugged handphone, as the screen continues to increase, the border becomes narrower and narrower, especially after the emergence of borderless and hyperboloid screen phones, the current mobile phone’s broken screen rate can be said to be greatly increased.


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