Wholesale oem walkie talkie phone exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer

Wholesale oem walkie talkie phone exporter, factory supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-11 18:48:46

For most mobile phone users, walkie-talkie phone is a remote thing. However, in outdoor activities, walkie-talkie phone plays an more important role than mobile phone since it can communicate freely with teammates in most harsh environments without the support of external base stations. In times of catastrophe, walkie-talkie phone can not only send distress signals, but also listen to outside information. For friends who travel frequently, it is necessary to buy a walkie-talkie phone. Maybe it can save your life in times of crisis.


oem walkie talkie phone


What is a walkie-talkie phone?


The English name of walkie-talkie phone is two way radio, which is a two-way mobile communication tool. It can talk without any network support, and there is no telephone charge. It is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent communication occasions.


FM range of walkie-talkie phone


In the daily use of walkie-talkie phone, according to the regulations of China Radio Regulatory Commission, the frequencies of walkie-talkie phone are generally divided as follows:


  • Professional walkie-talkie phone: V segment 136-174MHz;U segment 400-470MHZ


  • Armed police public security: 350-390MHz


  • Coastal use: 220MHZ


  • Traffic light monitoring, air defense alarm: 223.025-235Mhz


  • Amateur: 433MHz


  • Cluster use: 800MHz


  • Mobile phone: 900MHz/180MHz


  • Civil use: 409-410MHZ


According to electromagnetic theory, the lower the frequency and the longer the wavelength, the weaker the ability of radio waves to penetrate buildings, but the stronger the diffraction ability; The higher the frequency and the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the ability of radio waves to penetrate buildings, but the weaker the diffraction ability. Therefore, in cities, because of the high density of buildings, strong penetration of radio waves is needed, so the higher the frequency, the more suitable it is; However, when using walkie-talkie phone in open areas such as wilderness or sea surface, radio waves with strong diffraction ability are needed, so V segment (136-174MHZ) is more appropriate.


How to use walkie-talkie phone?


  1. When the walkie-talkie phoneis transmitting, keep the walkie-talkie phonein a vertical position and keep the distance between the microphone and the mouth 2.5-5 cm. When launching, the walkie-talkie phone is at least 2.5 cm away from the head or body. If the handheld walkie-talkie phone is carried on the body, the antenna is at least 2.5 cm away from the human body when launching.


  1. Do not turn on and off many times during use, and adjust the volume to a volume suitable for your hearing.


Terms of walkie-talkie phone


  1. Monitor (MONITOR)


A listening method used to receive weak signals. By pressing the special key to forcibly connect the receiving signal channel, the operator can identify the weak sound in the speaker with his ears, so as to achieve the purpose of listening.


  1. Scanning (SCAN)


A listening mode adopted in order to hear calls on all channels. By pressing the special key, the receiving circuit receives the channel one by one in a certain order for a period of time, so as to hear the signals in the channel. If the receiving time of each channel is 100ms, ten channels can be scanned per second, that is, the scanning speed is 10ch/s.


  1. Priority Channel Scan


In the scanning process, the set priority channel is preferentially scanned.


  1. Delete/Add Scan Channel


Delete or add a channel from or to the scan list.


  1. Voice Control (VOX)


When this function is activated, the transmission operation can be started directly by voice without pressing PTT key.


  1. TOT: Time Out Timer


This function is used to limit the user's over-time transmission on a channel, and at the same time, it also avoids the interphone from being damaged due to long-time transmission.


  1. Battery Save


In order to save electricity and prolong standby time, the walkie-talkie phone will work in the mode of shutting down and starting up for a period of time without transmitting, receiving and pressing buttons for a period of time, which is called power saving mode. The ratio of on-off time to length is about 1: 4. When the signal is received or there is a key operation, the walkie talkie phone immediately exits the power saving state and enters the normal state.


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