wholesale oem cell phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

wholesale oem cell phone exporter, factory, supplier and manufacturer

2021-11-12 14:57:41

Cell phones are constantly updated with different brands, functions, prices, models and products. They boast of high performance, high configuration and ultra-high cost performance... Most consumers are confused. Some people don't care about money, others follow the trend, but more want to buy a favorite cell phone. As a rational consumer, how to buy a suitable cell phone?


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Cell phone hardware science: what do you need to see when buying a cell phone?


This may be your first question after you decide to buy a cell phone.


The three most expensive parts of cell phones are SoC processor, CMOS camera module and screen. They determine the fluency, photographing level and display effect of the cell phone.


  • SoC chip -- the brain of cell phone


SoC sounds very tall. In fact, it is the abbreviation of "system on chip". We generally call it "cell phone processor". It integrates CPU, GPU, baseband and other important components in one chip, also known as "the brain of cell phone".


Since it is the brain, we can also know its importance. An SoC not only determines the performance, but also determines the specifications of the screen, camera, memory and flash memory that can be used. If the SoC is not good, other aspects will be limited.


If you have a need like "no caton" and "playing games", you have to consider it!


  • CMOS camera module -- a window to observe the world


Turn your cell phone over. The small eye under the lens is CMOS image sensor (CIS), which is used by the cell phone to feel the external light.


The level of a CIS, in short, depends on two parameters - bottom and pixel.


The bottom is actually the area of CIS. If the area is large enough, you can feel more light;


In fact, the area of CIS is divided into several blocks. There are enough pixels and the image quality is better.


  • Screen -- the channel of human-computer interaction


PPI is a parameter that can be considered slightly. It represents the fineness of the screen.


As for other parameters, for ordinary screens other than RGBW, there is a simple way to judge their level. That's -- look at the brightness.


If the brightness is high, other parameters are generally not bad.


Cell phone purchase guide




If you have your favorite brand, those who pursue performance can buy the flagship machine of this brand, and those who pursue cost performance can buy previous generations of products. If you don't know what brand you should choose, first consider your budget and your own requirements for cell phones, and look at some well-known brands and models online.




A good processor can start applications faster, bring users a smoother game experience and faster photo editing speed.




Memory is also one of the important factors to measure the performance of cell phones. If you need to perform multi tasking operations for a long time, you'd better not buy a cell phone with 2GB memory. Midrange cell phones are generally equipped with 3GB of running memory. If it is a flagship intelligent machine, it is usually equipped with 4GB or even 6GB running memory.


👉Built in storage


Games often occupy more than 1GB of storage, not to mention those high-resolution photos and videos. So the larger the built-in storage, the better. If the cell phone has a microSD card slot, users can expand the storage by themselves.




Now many cell phones have rear camera pixels of 12 million or more. However, it is suggested that we should not blindly believe in pixels. More attention should be paid to photo quality, aperture, single pixel size, photo speed and function.


👉Battery life


There are many factors that affect the endurance of cell phones, such as screen size, processor and system. Generally speaking, a cell phone with a endurance of more than 8 hours under a 4glte connection is already a long endurance cell phone. Of course, it's better if the endurance is more than 9 hours. Battery capacity is the main method to investigate battery life, but it does not mean that the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. Overall, if you want a long-life cell phone, you'd better choose products with a capacity of 3000 MAH and above.


👉Screen quality


The sharpest cell phone screen resolution reaches QHD level, i.e. 2560 × 1440 pixels. At the same time, FHD (1920 × 1080 pixel) resolution screens tend to show more detail.One thousand two hundred and eighty × 720 pixel resolution (720p) screens typically appear on cheap cell phones. When purchasing a cell phone, first check whether the phone screen is bright enough to be used outdoors in direct sunlight. In addition, the visual angle of the screen is also very important.


👉Dual card dual standby dual pass


Two cards can be inserted at the same time. Two different network modes are supported. Both cards can be standby at the same time. However, when one card is talking and the other card has a call, it will also be displayed and can be transferred. If you have two cell phone cards, you can choose a cell phone with dual card, dual standby and dual access.


So after reading the blog, do you know how to choose a good cell phone? Shenzhen Phonemax Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading wholesale oem cell phone exporter,factory, supplier and manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us.

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