Waterproof Phone? You Need Ip68 Phone

Waterproof Phone? You Need Ip68 Phone

2021-11-10 17:48:58

There are so many smart phone manufacturers who boasted that their phone performs well in water resistance. Really? Of course not. Most of them are just exaggerated advertisement which is not worth to believe. The real waterproof phone must be meet the standard of protection put forward by IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission). IP67 and IP 68 are the most common waterproof phone on the market. Let’s take a look at the waterproof phone.


Ip68 Phone

What’s the principle of waterproof phone?


The current smart phone waterproof measures are sealant, rubber ring, waterproof film, nano coating these four materials. There are two main methods of waterproofing.


Against water from the structure of phone body


The first is structural waterproofing, which reduces the pressure on the sealing of exposed gaps in the fuselage by reducing splicing. Then through the waterproof rubber strip and sealing ring as a backup means of protection, so that the body of the overall waterproof ability to increase. As for many of the junctions, they are held together with a material similar to waterproof tape, which keeps out dust and liquids. However, this method has great disadvantages. It only waterproof the exposed electronic components through the rubber plug, which is easy to lead to seal damage and waterproof failure after the phone falls and stumbles. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers will also combine a second method nano waterproof.


To apply nanometer material


Second waterproof methods is that nano waterproof technology, refers to the product throughout the surface coated with a layer of thickness at only polymer nano meter, this film can form molecules on the product surface, once the liquid in contact with the coating, will condense into droplets fell, material appearance remains the same, so oil has excellent waterproof performance. The technology can be applied to all the layers and components of the phone, and even if fluid flows into the device, the components will not be affected. At the same time, the nano waterproof splash technology ensures that the appearance, touch and function of the product will not have any change.


What’s IP67/IP68?


As we mentioned above, it refers to the protection standard of smart phone created by International Electrotechnical Commission.


Ingress Protection is an IP address used to protect electronic devices from foreign objects. The IP classification system is represented by IPXX (0 to 8). The first X indicates the dustproof level, and the second X indicates the waterproof level.

The greater the number of protection grade is also higher, IP68 is the highest dustproof and waterproof specifications. IP67 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering and immerse water for a short time under a certain pressure; IP68 means that it can completely prevent dust from entering and immerse water for a long time under a certain pressure.


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