Everything you Need to Know About IP68 Phone

Everything you Need to Know About IP68 Phone

2021-11-18 11:36:38

Now, due to the travel and entertainment needs of many people, everyone hopes that their mobile phones can have good waterproof and anti-drop functions. Today this article will introduce a new type of mobile phone, IP68 phone.


The Introduction of the IP68 Phone


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In recent years, as everyone's requirements for mobile phones have become more and more stringent, more and more attention has been paid to attributes other than the basic functions of mobile phones. IP68 phone is one of the mobile phones with these functions


The full name of the IP code is International Protection Marking, and the Chinese is the international protection level certification. This certification is the standard IEC 60529 published by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which aims to standardize the level of protection of electronic products against foreign objects and liquids. The IP code is divided into two parts, which represent different protection conditions.


At present, there are 6 levels of dust protection. Level 1 can protect objects with a diameter greater than 50mm. Basically, if you have this level of protection, you can discard it. Level 2 can protect objects of 12.5mm from entering. Generally, more sophisticated electronic devices such as mobile phones will use IP5x or higher protection. Devices under this level have a good effect on the dust-proof of mobile phones. And if your IP phone reaches the highest level of dust-proof level 6, it can completely prevent the entry of foreign objects.


The Working Principle of the IP68 Phone


There are generally two methods for waterproofing IP mobile phones. First, it is structurally waterproof. It uses rubber rings and waterproof tapes to achieve the purpose of sealing. Nowadays, mobile phones generally adopt a non-removable battery design, which greatly reduces the seams of the mobile phone. With the use of waterproof rubber strips, the waterproof ability is further improved.


The second method of waterproofing is nano waterproofing. Nano waterproof is to coat a layer of polymer with nanometer thickness on the surface of the mobile phone. These substances are tightly combined in the form of molecules. When water encounters such a coating, it will condense into droplets and roll off, which can achieve an excellent waterproof and oil-proof effect. Moreover, such nano-film can also be plated on the surface of internal electronic components, so that even if water enters the interior, it will not cause damage.


Although most waterproof mobile phones are dust-proof, sand or mud with larger particles is a lethal killer to the mobile phone, so you must rinse it with water before opening the sealed cover, such as replacing the battery or memory card. Otherwise, once the sand adheres to the sealing area, it is easy to cause deformation of the rubber pad.


I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has an in-depth understanding of IP phones. If you travel or travel frequently, the IP phone is a good choice. If you are looking for a reliable China ip68 phone exporter, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.

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